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tv   [untitled]    December 11, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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november twired and could i a motion to approve those minutes. motion by campus and seconded by advocate lows and those minutes are approved. and if you could read our two parliament special order. >> the first item of business between the board of supervisors this week representing district will he and 11 the mayor may address the board initially for five minutes and the board will recognize the supervisor with their questions and the entire discussion may be exceed five minutes per supervisor, mr. mayor welcome back to the champ for your final questions see if you have any opening comments. >> thank you president chew supervisors we made it to the end of the year and this is the last question time for 2012 and it's been a great year, a lot of accomplishments and i want to thank each and every one of you for each of the valuable
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leadership that you have provided along the way. we have established groundwork and we have passed pension reform, business reform. we have established the housing trust fund and protected our hatch hatch che and by tackling these long systemic issues we can show that we have mely improved lives in san francisco because there is much to do i'm looking forward to a productive 20 then 13 and this will be the year that we recommit ourselves to the basics like keeping our streets in working order and meeting on time and community safe. i know there will be new faces in this chamber next year and i look forward to maintaining the collaborative ambiance we have. and to parting i want to thank each of
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of you and i want to thank you for your dedication, commitment and hard work. with that, i'll take the two questions for today's session. thank you mr. mayor, i'll provide the first question for today. >> mr. mayor, your march appearance between before the board of supervisors i asked you about proposition i passed by slotters in november of 2000 seven to create a office of small business to comply with 14 city departments pop operation i stated within four most the office would issue a report that analyzed the existing laws and regular blagses that basket all small business and is make recommend dayses and consolidation. you committed that this report will be
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completed by june of this year and as of today no nothing has been done to consolid date this and mr. mayor, i look forward to continuing to work with your administration on a wide variety of efforts to assist or small businesses can you recommit to carrying out this mandate of prop i and when will this be forth coming. thank you for your question and the opportunity to provide and you the full board with an up date and i know how serious you are about ensuring the small business and is stream lining the action with the city. because businesses don't care whether it's a d ph, t rx or h s b, we are all one big hurdle to come and as part of my plan i made technology to cut through base businesses a top priority for me the work is well under
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way supervisor and it's important that it get done in a way that it's thorough and leads to improvement for at this's small business and is that will take time because we know that the plan is more important than and action and i want to give ouch indicate on real work being date of birth to help the small businesseses. this november we launched enterprise zone web appear and it requires businesses to hail in an licks and application fee and we replace that had with an online app where businesses can apply for these credits and pie the fee on time and so now business and is manufactures and other businesses can save time while saving money at the same time. a new tool called smart pdf is being utility liesed by a majority of departments to make it easier for businesses to fill
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out applications online. departments such as tax and treasure and entertainment commission are now accepting online payments but the biggest task the one that i know you are speak to go supervisor which would save an incredible amount of time for our businesses is the online business permanent portal to accomplish this i i have asked all the scene departments who permanent small business toss provide the permitting process this will facility permitting process and necessary inferring to stream line how small businesses engage with the city. the mapping and analysis of permitting date from the department has a target of completion date of the end of the fiscal year in addition, next quarter we will launch license one 23 s f this is a
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base online permitting tool to help businesses identify the permits they need to open this is a concept type form to a comprehensive online business portal we have a long way to go to make registering and permitting a business online painless as a widget but that is my goal and i'm looking for to work with you on this goal. >> thank you our next question is from supervisor avalos. thank you mr. mayor for being here i generally don't read these entirely but this time i'll. i recently asked the public question to ask can you and i received a number of requests from facebook and twitter and may e-- mayor green what does the mayor proposes props do to promote a diversified economy in san
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francisco so the city is not simply high paid, high finance or tech jobs and low wage servants and will the mayor crash the real estate market to make san francisco afford. again to elaborate on this the 2010 sentences showed low increase household and upper increase households finds one findings done by ted ebegans from the controllers office the economist wrote that the comiebts that create a job distribution are in the local serving sector of the economy which has largely declined in recent years and what is your plan to create wage jobs in industries to prevent the city's work class from being displaced for the newer upper increase jobs and the high-tech
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jobs financial and provision service cities? thank you supervisor and i'm glad to here and i join you in the effort of using social media to community with our constituent. >> let me start by saying that we have come off of the worst economic downturn when i took office last year the unemployment rate was 9.6%. that has now changed to eight% since 2011 and that is growing at a 6.6% pace, there are still more than 32,000 unemployed san franciscoians which i find unacceptable and we must do better i want to spill investor confidence and show businesses of all sites that we can start
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stay here. this year we are reformed from payroll tax and i heard that previous payroll tax hurt job growth and i agreed and propyl vision e was passed this last november and because of proposition e san francisco standards to ads more new private sector jobs and that is a huge success. i want to say supervisor that yes, the technology industry has been growing in san francisco and now includes over one thousand sen hundred companies that employed or 39,000 employees and this is something of which i am proud and i'm also proud that tech s f are training and connecting san francisco residents with diverse backgrounds to get those tech sector jobs, we will train and place over 2,000 san francisco residental in tech jobs over the next five years with our first tech s f graduating class this
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may. but that is not the whole story. recently economic studies have shown supervisor for every technology job created issue over four additional jobs outside of the tech field are sustained. and a full three quarters of the city's job growth has happened outside of the technology industry. the tourism industry alone, for example, supported 71,000 jobs in the year 2011 with a payroll of over 2 million-dollar and immense jobs creators between treasure island. the cp m c rebuild and a new warriors a arena over 4,000 permanent jobs and over 15,000 construction jobs will be created and sustained and we are rebuilding the city with san franciscoians thanks to your leadership on the local
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higher legislation not just for public projects but also private project like the proposed a marine eye 3030 and let's not forgot the manufacturing mere in san francisco through s of may we are offering programmings and technical assistance so that they can also be local job create ores i'm also crateful for san francisco voters who past thed housing trust fund to now allocate one $.2 billion in the next 30 years for low increase and moderate san franciscoians to house our workforce and keep families in san francisco so no, supervisor we will not crash the real estate market but invest in our 70 and people and ensure that san francisco stays as bloom berg called calls us, the best
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city in the in america. thanks for districts one seven and nine for their early holiday gift as well. >> thank you mayor wishing you a happy holiday as well. >> let's go to the rest of our genera mr. court please lead i genderree i. >> student: supermember requests a discussion of a matter -- colleagues would anyone like to sever any of these items? we will call vote on items two and three, conthe consensus, supervisor farrell. >> farrell aye, supermar. kim aye. >> supervisor a loggy eye. wean easer aye. avalos aye. supervisor camp pose aye. chew
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eye. supervisor chu? . chu eye. supervisor cohen in. aye supervisor elsburnd -- mr. president there are 11 ayes those resolutions are adoptedded and pass the if you could read item six. >> item four is -- excuse me sir, you are out of order. sir you are out of order. thank you. mr. clerk if you could please read items four through six. >> item four is affirming the -- by the planning commission and long rage development plan and number five is reimbursing the certification and number six is contracting the court to prepare findings. >> colleagues you are aware that there have been ongoing discussions about the future of this probability and those discussions have not yet concluded and so i would like to ask at this time to have a
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motion to continue these items to the second item of the new year this is january 29th motion by supervisor phil seconded by supervisor campos and with that motion, these tolls are continued to the january 29th. mr. clerk read item seven joovment 849,000 state revenues for unified school district to fiscal year 2013. >> supervisor kim. thank you i would like to continue to january 15th the second degree reading. >> supervisor kim has made a motion to continue this item to the peopleth of january. that is the correct date for the -- meaning that will be considered items and that has been seconded by supervisor avalos can we continue that motion without objection, that should be the case. item eight. >> item 8pm is ordinance of planning code adding new section
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to increase the transit development rate and clarify implementation and collections. >> colleagues tack this in house in call. without objection this ordinance is finally passed. >> item nine is commemorating wash state park pursuant to the street plaque ordinance as a gift to the city and waiving permanent mermt and inspection fees to the plaque ininstallation. >> this item passes item ten. >> item ten is a system ordinance with north star solar requiring north star solar to pay the utilities commission to mitigate the impacts caused by the interconnection caused by north star solar project. >> this ordinance is passed item 11? item 11 is amending the business and police tax codes regulating license regulation,
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parking it's a funds and administrative citation process. >> supervisor campos. >> colleagues i introduced this legislation after hearing from small parkings who were having a hard time meeting the requirements that the city has in place and we have also heard of third party tax collection and the legislation before you amend it's the city's parking enforce law under city and tax code by reducing the bonding requirement for operator that is have a strong tax compliance and simplifying bond categorized and clarifying assurities under the law and how administrative citations are handled and clarifies requirements for government emit indictee when they operate a location for themselves. and the s ta reviewed the reaction and had no concerns and -- supported the legislation which came before
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the bulletin and finances committee i would like to thank the treasure of city of san francisco and his staff for working with my office specifically with seela in my office as well as gene and aleck alexander from the city attorney's office and i so i asks for your support of this ordinance. >> colleagues with ecan we take this item same time same call. >> this item is passed item 12. item 12 is finding the -- monitoring and reporting program relating to the fund of bridge project in aal a immediatee county. >> same house same call this resolution is adopted item 13, item 13 is establishing the appropriation limits for fiscal year 13 pursuant to. >> same call this resolution is adopted. item 13 is the resident
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luke authorizing south of market communicate stablization and to expend fund dollars in the amounts of 770,000,. >> same house same call this resident luke is adopted. item 15 is a tax resident luxe by the finances authority for none procrastinate and not authority not no exceed 33 million and to finances owned by san francisco friends school school. same call. without objection this item is adopted. >> retroactively to accept the grands of in the apt 2,050,000 and to source 100% of san francisco's electrical demand of electrical source through june 2013. >> same house same call this resident luke is adopted. >> item 1317. item 17 is
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acceptance and an extension grant in the amount of 650,000 -- for a grant period of april 212012 to march 312014. >> same house same call. this resident luke is adopted next item. >> item 18 is to improve the wave revenue bonds and aggregate principles amount not to exceed 250 million pursuant to the charter. >> same house same call. >> this resident luxe is adopted. item 19. >> item 19 is approval for the grant application for continued develop of grant care program and approval produce and for the annual and recurring grants of 5 million or more. >> same house same call without objection this resolution is adopted. >> item 20 is authored to september an extended grant from
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the san francisco parks for the design and introduction of a park. >> same house same call without objection this resolution is adopts item 21. >> item 21 is a reds louis too retroactively expand fiscal year 2012 homeland security grant in the amount of 667,000. >> same house same call this resident luke is adopted. >> item two? 2222 resident luxe to determine 98 a least agreement and authorizing the to least --. >> same house same call this resident luxe is adopted item 23. item 53 is improving an authorizing an amendment to the permanent with another planet entertainment to the forth production of annual outside lands effectively. >> supervisor mar. thank you colleagues i
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urge your support for this production of the outside lands and culture if he is effective to extends the term another 8pm years and it also increase increases the amount of revenue for the city do you believe it from one $.3 million per year to an average of 2.5 million per year and including other board of trustees to the park and community benefits as well and major improvements to the poll low fields and rebuild of the-bleachers and in addition, there is a new robing sound monitor system there is a commitment to fund the transit plan to make sure that the transportation is there to that is commitment to many of the
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hiring of beverage and security jobs almost i think it's 1200 jobs issue potentially and new community opportunity funds to benefit the surrounding neighbors. i also wantmented to add that since 2008. outside lands and organization and recreational parks department since it has been held in 2008 they have improved the concert and addressed many concerns of residents and this is why i support this new least agreement. over the last four years, i have been actively suggesting community input and -- to another planet seperated and to way way that the mitigations with dealt with. for instance, arborist review the site plan and site text that is review the a could youstic plan and much improvements in the community
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and there is a regular hot line utilized address concerns there is the department of parking control officers and toe trucks near the festival to quickly respond to calls and there is a much better outreach plan over the past few years that includes the mailers to all homes and businesses within four blocks of the park and there is also relatively new is the crew toss clean-up litter in the surrounding neighbors and encouraging festival attendee to walk and pike and also by private shuttles as well and some of you know there is a 2011 state cityon an economic impact report that shots that the outside lands bring in an estimated $61 million with lodging and restaurant city and is other industry the in san francisco each other over the
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three-day festival and during the -- golden gate park and expend to the locally operate businesses whether on urban street and sunset or in the richmond district this hires over 4,000 employees for the event and it's responsible for creating sixy full-time positions in san francisco and so i urge your support this extension represents a tremendous benefit to our recreation and parks and to our city and i urge your support. >> colleaguing any further discussion? can we take this same house same call without objection this resident luxe is adopted. >> item 24. >> regarding amendments to junk dealer and gatherer permanent process. >> supervisor cohen. yes, thank you very much thank you colleagues for hearing this item today this legislation is a result of over i six months
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of work between my department and the police department and in order to better regulate junk dealers and after a number of severe public safety incidents involving metal feeds p g and e utility towers and pulling of towers and failing small boats to the strip yard, brick and construction site their home under going renovation a at the particular timing to steal bleachers from the parks and wiring additionally our police department conducts a series of sting operation and is uncovered some of our dealers accepting materials that have been pistollen and false documentation and as a result we took at the permit requirements
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for junk dealers and for clarification the definition does not include -- severely out of date and did not enable the police department to meted our public safety objectiving for example under the current permitting structure the permit never entires therefore the police department doesn't have an at some point to renew these and -- suspenses can be very long and additionally there have been changes that have not been formally incorporate to the legislative process this legislation does a number of thing it requires that all of the -- junk dealers until the city conveniently they are all in district ten did i mention that and requires that anyone
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who's not a license licensed contractor and wishes to the sell junk obtain a permanent from the police department and minimize the cost from the individual sellers they will only need to renew the permanent for two years and allow the department to revoke or suspend a permanent for facilities if they determine that the illegal behavior is taking place and gives the community and department increased over site and ability to work with junk dealers to better the neighborhood. revoke junk dealers to become better neighbors and excuse me. and it also makes change toss conform to our local process and is recent updates and state law and the fees soaivetted with the permits cover the costs of work performed by the division and any building inspection and fire department and updating our city's commercial towing and
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commercial parking lot supports this is an important step to abate middle step and it will go a long way in making the industry more transparent and lastly this legislation would not have been possible without the officers at the station and many neighbors and merchants that have also given voice to this process and this is valid and long overdue and colleagues i do ask for your support on this legislation. >> colleagues with can he take this in house in call. >> i'll be supporting this legislation and one aspect -- but there is a benefit that i see that happens in my district is we have a lot of people who are junk gatherers in my district and park their vehicles throughout the compel sells corior and throughout thigh neighbor and i didn't support
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the over size vehicle legislation because we could a mass a certain amount of sinuses -- but this legislation may require a gatherer to have a permanent in their vehicle and in their car and is to me, that seems a better way to bring some accountability to how the appearance of the vehicles are that blunder our neighbors and it doesn't solvent problem but it gets us a step closer and that is not the only reason i'm supporting it but i'll be backing this legislation. >> supervisor cohen. thank you the one thing that i want to assess is the $700 fees for the permit holder amortizable. >> colleagues if you contain the same house same call without an objection this item is passed item 25. >> item


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